✍️The Utility

The $Maximus Token will be the only way to use the Maximus Sniper Bot.

Payment system

The payment system is simple, just like any subscription on Netflix for example. A wallet needs to buy 200$ worth of tokens, this unlocks 30 days use of the bot. (Monthly payment of 200$ worth of tokens for the basic and 300$ for the premium version). Note that price fluctuations won't affect your eligibility to use the bot. Every subscription (Wallet sending the tokens to the payment contract via our dapp) will result in a 50% burn + 50% going to the staking pool for $Maximus token stakers. This way, the more people use the bot, the less circulating supply there will be, and the more holders are incentivized to hold given the staking incentives

On a side note, there are features that are ONLY available for whales, meaning wallets holding an amount >x tokens (This will be shared later in the whitepaper).

There will be 3 types of features, the first is basic bot features that will be available for 200$ worth of tokens, the second type is more premium features that will only be available for 300$ worth of tokens. The third type of features will be exclusively available for Maximus Sniper NFT holders, more about that in the coming days.

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